Cesspool cover

Cesspools were a popular form of waste disposal back in the 1950s. They acted as large septic tanks with perforated walls to allow water to escape into the surrounding soils. While being sizable, cesspools are not the best structure to have built near your home. Because cesspools rely on the surrounding soil to expel water, often times the wastewater begins pooling at the ground surface. These older septic tanks undermine the foundation of your home forcing you to deal with costly repairs. They also present a risk of deadly sinkholes that can swallow vehicles, animals, and even people.

Cesspool Plumbing Decommissioning

Many homeowners don’t know when the right time is to have their outdated septic tank removed. Seeing that cesspools became obsolete in the 1970s and have an average lifetime of around 50 years, most cesspools today would be nearing their due date. Luckily for homeowners with cesspools, the removal process is fairly simple. You’ll need to have professionals come in and pump the remaining sewage out, they then will fill the tank with concrete, sand, and gravel. After they’ve reinstalled turf grass, you’ll forget you ever had a cesspool, and you can look forward to safer options for your wastewater.

Warning Signs it’s Time for Cesspool Replacement

Cesspools can be a pain to look after, but you shouldn’t ignore signs your property gives you that could mean a sinkhole is in the making.

  • Problems closing doors or windows.
  • Cracks in door or window frames, foundation, or pavement
  • Sloping floors
  • Depression in the area around your cesspool
  • Separation of walls from floor or ceiling

Quality Cesspool Removal Services

If you’re having problems with your cesspool or worry about how much longer the surrounding land will last, don’t be afraid to call the experts at Axiom Sewers & Plumbing! Here at Axiom Plumbing, our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding comfort and satisfaction when decommissioning a dated cesspool. We understand the importance of refining the safety of your home and we want to help you take a step in the right direction. Contact us today! Or if you’re concerned with trenchless pipe services, check out our trenchless pipe repair page.